Bento 52: Crown and Jewels

This was fun to make but did take a lot more time. I free hand cut out the negative space in the crown and layered a few pieces of pepperoni behind it. Mayonnaise can be used to stick foods together (cheese on cheese) or stick light weight foods down to the bento. ¬†Additionally, before we take the bento out of the house, I would wrap a piece of napkin up with Seran wrap so it doesn’t get wet and use it to fill the gaps between the food and the closed lid. It helps a lot with keeping food in place until kiddo opens it.

Bento 51: Star Bursts

When my kid informed me that she doesn’t want sandwiches and only wants apple sauce and cheese, the result didn’t come out too bad. Luckily we had different cheeses to use for color and of course I added a few more items to make it a more balanced meal.