The New Normal Lunch

It has been 52 school days straight of making fun bento lunches for MoWabbit. I’ve learned a lot and have really enjoyed being creative for fun (and not for work). Because time doesn’t just magically appear, I traded in time that I normally would have spent on practicing ukulele, or taking a hot bath, or  read, etc. in order to make fancy bento lunches. The sleeping also suffered too, because chores like laundry just isn’t going to wash/dry/fold/hang/put away themselves (my least favorite chore). Additionally, MoWabbit’s enthusiasm for the high effort lunches have declined over the last week or two.

It’s time to optimize for the outcomes:

  • Fancy bento lunches will no longer be a daily thing so that:
    • Bettering my ukulele playing skills becomes a priority again
    • More sleep is possible again
    • Making fancy bento lunches does not become and feel like a chore/no longer fun
    • Posting all previous fancy bentos to this blog in details will actually happen for reals
  • Fancy bento lunches will appear once a week and on special occasions or when I have the extra time to be creative, so that:
    • Both myself and MoWabbit will appreciate the times fancy lunches are made
    • I have more time to think about and prepare for even more awesome future bento lunches

Introducing the new normal lunch:

The New Normal Lunch

The new normal lunch can be made within 10 minutes or under. Still cute yet simple to create.

What do you think?

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