The UX of Bento Lunches

Back in May, my kid started a new school and it was a school that required each kid to bring his/her own lunch every day. The old school provided lunch and her daily report from school indicated that she ate all or most of her food consistently. But since I started packing her a lunch everyday, I also started seeing that she wasn’t eating much food at all at her new school. Upon investigating, her teachers told me that kiddo is very social and often favored chatting and playing over eating. Hmmmmm…

The Challenge:
How do you get a 3-year old social butterfly eat at least 80% of her lunch during lunchtime/social hour?

The Solution:
Improve kiddo’s lunching experience by making super cute lunches that she’ll be proud to show her friends and that she’ll want to eat 🙂

Real-Life Outcome:
Bento #26 (Love is On Your Side) Before:
#Bento 26: Love Is On Your Side. <3

Bento #26 After:
What's left of today's lunch #Bento 26

Time Investment:
I’ve optimized my bento making process to about 20 minutes. The more complicated designs take much longer. If my memory serves me right, Bento 26 took at least 40 minutes.

Planning Ahead:
Grocery shopping needs to be well planned ahead. I need to buy food in terms of color, texture, shape, size, and variety, in order to be creative and make sure that I have what I need to turn an idea into an edible reality.

Tried and True:
Improve the UX and you’ll improve the outcome!

Tonight I created Bento #46. I’ll be posting new bentos on this blog from now on and will need to take some time to back-post all the previous bentos. Love and thanks to my friends who have encouraged me to blog about my bentos. ❤


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